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DKG Forum Rules & Guidelines

Thanks for joining the discussion here on the official Dann Kriss Games Forum! You can use first post as a guide to figure out what is and isn't acceptable on this board and for forum use in general.

General Rules

Don't flame, troll, or post disruptively and don't encourage such behavior.
Don't victimize others and avoid discriminatory language.
Don't discuss any illegal activities.
Don't post inappropriate material (pornographic, overtly sexual, gore, etc).
Don't post from an alternate account.

Board Specific Rules

Posts with the intention to get a rise out of board members without much substance from the original post will be moderated.
Discussions about current happenings in the world of tabletop games or gaming in general is OK as long as it's kept civil.
Topics should be regarding or related to games released or in development by Dann Kriss Games, or any relevant topics which may apply to, affect, or be effected by such.

Definition of Spam

Topics in which you are advertising, promoting, soliciting and offering goods/services for commercial purposes or financial gain.
Topics solely linking to websites, images, videos or other material without any commentary from the topic creator.

Hate speech and threats have no place in the the DKG community. We want this board and the forums to be welcoming and engaging for users. Therefore, the moderating team has final say on what is and is not acceptable, and will make decisions on how to handle any violation of these rules on a case by case basis.

Becoming a member and/or posting on this forum is an agreement that you accept and agree to follow the Rules & Guidelines of this Forum.

Contacting The Moderators

The DKG Forum moderators are here to help. You can email them at with any questions or issues.

What's the one rule I should remember?

Don't be a jerk. Treat people how you want to be treated!