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Every organization is usually affected by its culture, and every organization has a culture. Researchers such as Kerr and Slocum (2005), claim that we should explain the performance of an organization against the backdrop of its culture. Someone who walks in the lobby of Zenith Bank, a Grand Hotel Cheap Jordan 8 , or a fast-food restaurant will experience a particular atmosphere, style, and feeling that are unique. These companies whether it is a restaurant, bank, or a hotel tend to have a charm Cheap Jordan 7 , a personality that is unique to it. A visitor who visits Colorado Bank will experience a kind of business focus in the way the teller attend to customers, their energy and enthusiasm, and creativity in the environment. Whether it is a bank or hotel, the culture is usually part of the organization life that influences attitude, behavior Cheap Jordan 6 , and the effectiveness of employees.
The success of any organization normally depends on the match between the culture of the organization and individuals. The organization culture refers to a set of operating principles determining how people behave in the context of the company (Kerr & Slocum 2005). Under the observable behaviors of people, there are assumptions, beliefs, and values dictating their actions. It is necessary for managers to understand the culture of the organization accurately so as to direct activities in a productive manner and also avoid the destructive influence of having employees not committed to the goals of the organization. A sense of purpose usually starts with the hiring process, and it continues with the careful attention to how employees are rewarded and motivated for their efforts.
The CEO of Colorado Bankers Association Cheap Jordan 5 , Don Childears, claim that the presence of new competitors in the banking industry in the past years in Colorado has an intense effect on banking business (Childears, 2013). The old strategies for managing employees tend to be changing, and there are new models for management and leadership needed (Shakeel, et al. 2012). Despite the surplus of studies on organization culture Cheap Jordan 4 , there tend not to be an understanding of how organizational culture impact employee鈥檚 performance. The study aims to explore how organizational culture in Colorado banks affects the performance of employees. During the project, I intend to use the terms organizational culture and corporate culture interchangeably because the two terms refer to the exact phenomenon.
Problem Statement
There are over 85% of companies in the Standard and Poor鈥檚 500 with a web page dedicated to describing the organization's culture and values and principles informing the employee鈥檚 behavior (Mordfin, 2014). Don Childears, the president, and the CEO of Colorado Bankers Association claims that the presence of new competitors in the banking sector has an intense impact on the banking business (Childers Cheap Jordan 33 , 2013). Managing the corporate culture is emerging as a key managerial challenge of the millennium. It is a problem that is affecting banking institutions in Colorado (Childers, 2013). Several academics and practitioners are spending time focusing on the issue of whether organization culture has an impact on the overall performance and effectiveness. The general pr. cheap air max 97 wholesale   discount air max wholesale   Cheap Air Max   Jordan 12 For Sale   Nike Air Max Sale   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys